Practice Physical Distancing - NOT Social Distancing

Submitted by trilliji on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 07:15

"Stay Home, and maintain a distance of 6 ft from other people"

Has anyone else noticed that we should be practicing physical distancing to combat the Corona Pandemic?

Social distancing would be roughly equivalent to being anti-social. Physical distancing would be maintaining a distance between people. Social Distancing could mean you can't make any Facebook or LinkedIn posts, and that just doesn't help.

I guess this we should call this a Trump-isim.

Lets call for an end to this political correct buzzword crap and go to plain language. Saying: "Stay 6 feet away from other people" conveys a much clearer message.

Likewise shelter in place is to stay where you are and seek shelter. Instead "Stay Home" is a better activity.